NEW ALBUM has officially arrived!

+the crass menagerie+

Fourteen years in the making, we're proud to announce the impending release of our 3rd full length album, entitled "The Crass Menagerie". 
Most of the streaming services and iTunes/Amazon should have the digital release available for your listening enjoyment as of this morning. The record release show will be  at Rudyards on April 8. We will have a limited number of copies of the LP on red or black vinyl for sale at the show and will eventually be releasing a version on CD. In the meantime, you can order the vinyl direct from the Vincebus Eruptum web store and we may also have some copies available at local record stores soon (we'll keep you posted). Keep in mind, the digital and CD releases have four extra tunes on them that we couldn't fit on the record. Please feel free to share some feedback with us... we're super excited to know how ya'll like it! 

HUGE thanks to Davide Pansolin for his dedication and enthusiasm for this project. This thing would probably be languishing in a trunk somewhere if it weren't for him :D

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A Grimm Fairy Tale:

Appointed by the Great Black Wizard to rain sorrow down upon the feckless masses. Project Grimm is a dagger in the side of joy.


A decidedly less experimental group than its most direct predecessor, the Mike Gunn, Project Grimm was formed in 1995 by Gunn frontman and guitarist John Cramer to satisfy his urges to be a bit more straightforward in his approach to guitar rock. Interested in looking to build a band around this new direction, Cramer called local drummer Rick Costello (of Houston band Bleachbath) who volunteered his services straight away. Drew Calhoun joined on bass, and former Schlong Weasel (University of Houston "branch") member Jim Otterson rounded out the lineup as second guitarist. Their first show, on July 3, 1995 was followed by recording sessions that would result in their first album, Lying Down out on Linus Pauling Quartet's Ramon Medina (also a former Schlong Weasel-er) Worship Guitars label in 1996. The pace of recording and releasing would slow down considerably for the band, which wouldn't quite get around to releasing the follow-up until 2003. In the meantime, Bo Morris would take over on drums for the kicked out Rick Costello, and Cramer would work with former Mike Gunn colleague Scott Grimm on his Dunlavy project. July 2003 would see the release of Project Grimm's second album, Huge Beings (released on Camera Obscura's Australian sister label Camera Lucida), but it would also see the band split -- on the very day of the album's release. Leader John Cramer would later appear as a solo artist working under the name the Powers of Light & Darkness, and played sporadic shows around Houston.

by Chris M. True via


For such an upbeat threesome, Project Grimm is a rather downbeat name, and their sound isn't much perkier. [They] are unstylish, fat-bottomed plod rockers in the heavy, heavy tradition of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Grand Funk Railroad. Without apology, Project Grimm rifles through the '70s, a period when the "roll" was removed from the "rock" for a fairly specific reason: The music didn't so much roll off your turntable as lumber off it.